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Learning Turkish is very easy now

With the most qualified and well-known tutor of the region, this is probably the best place to learn Turkish in the North West of England!

Online tuition via Skype is available for learners from all over the country and the world.

By Tuğgen Collard

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Why Turkish?

university building

Not only because it is fun to learn…

But also it is listed within the “Languages For the Future” report issued by the British Council. According to this report, Turkish shares its 9th place with Russian. Since Turkey is one of the high growth markets, demand for the Turkish language is increasing in line with the UK’s export potential.

Turkish is one of the 10 languages which emerge as the most important for the UK as it is needed for cultural, educational and diplomatic purposes. It is therefore important to note that Turkish is likely to add most value to the UK’s strategic interests as well.

Languages for the Future

Why Choose Us?

Student-centred approach

All private classes are tailored according to the individual needs of the learner.

Clear targets to follow

Students are provided with an ILP (Individual Learning Plan) at the beginning of their classes.

Constant support

Students stay in touch with their tutor between the two sessions and they receive continuous feedback on their progress.

Innovative methods

Thanks to Tuggen Collard’s exclusive teaching style, learning vocabulary and grammar will be a “çocuk oyuncağı” (as they say in Turkish to mean “a piece of cake”!).

Some basic Turkish words