Private tuition
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Learning Turkish in a classroom may not suit you for various reasons and you may choose to receive Turkish tuition on a one-to-one basis. Turkish in Manchester is here to help you offering private Turkish lessons. More importantly, you will continue to practise your Turkish outside classes through sound recordings of the new words which are covered in each class. Homework will be checked via emails and immediate support will be available for all our learners. These are extra services coined and provided only by Tuğgen Collard, who has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching Turkish to speakers of other languages.

Unlike many other language related companies who provide you with private tutors, Turkish in Manchester team is able to keep the costs low, therefore offering you discounted fees as the “headteacher” is Tuğgen Collard, the most qualified and well-known Turkish tutor of the North West of England.

Drop us a line enquiring about our private Turkish classes in and around Manchester.