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We mean it when we boast about our many happy learners. Here are a few recommendations from Tuğgen’s brilliant students:

- “Experienced, passionate and driven - Tuğgen is exactly the person I was looking for when I decided to start my adventure with yet another language. She’s a great teacher who quickly establishes your potential and works with you to achieve your goals. Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching are infectious in the extreme. She avoids dry techniques and repetitive methods and makes each session very engaging. She’s more of a guide than a lecturer, allowing you to discover the language and its quirks at your own pace. I’m blown away with the progress I’m making!” - Monika

- I have never felt more inclined to leave great feedback for anyone. Tuğgen is easily one of the best teachers out there, as her enthusiasm and patience is a really effective combination. If in doubt for booking, do not be. Tuğgen is professional, prompt, intelligent and encouraging. – Debra

- After finally taking the plunge and deciding to be pro-active about learning Turkish, it became my good fortune to decide to learn with Tuğgen. Her teaching style inspires confidence in me as her pupil, she allows me to learn at my own pace but also subtly encourages me to push myself a little further each lesson and to develop my understanding and learning of this fascinating language. Her own enthusiasm for seeing her pupil develop is a real boost to the whole learning process and each lesson is enjoyable but also challenging, Learning Turkish is not an easy ride but Tuğgen wants her pupils to succeed and this is very obvious in each session.

Learning via Skype has also been a real revelation to me and it feels like a very personal experience, with immediate feedback and help as against the anonymity of the classroom. – Derrol

- Tuğgen is a fantastic language tutor. She is able to connect well with people and adapts the level of tuition to suit the needs of the individual student. She takes into account peoples learning styles and adapts materials and methods used to aid learning. She has a passion for what she does and goes the extra mile for her students making learning fun, interactive and guiding them to make learning a language part of their lives outside of the structured lessons. Personally I have been amazed at the progress I have made in what I consider to be a difficult language to learn for native English speakers. I recommend Tuğgen without hesitation. – Jane

- Tuğgen is a very talented linguist and a great language teacher. She is passionate about her subject and makes learning interesting and fun. She understands the need to focus on the student's learning objectives and is able to tailor her teaching to meet the individual's needs. She expects a lot from her students and in return gives a huge amount to support them in their learning. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her without reservation. – Beverley